Monday, September 22, 2014

"I am back" Saying these words makes an assumption that somehow I had disappeared from the face of world. However I have been around, I have been busy being mom to my 5 year old gorgeous little boy Xavier Setso, I have been busy building my professional career as a mental health professional in the area of Transcultural Mental Health, I have been busy giving my time volunteering with the African Australian community in Queensland, which has earned me the tittle of "Community Leader" a tittle of which I use but not necessary the title that defines me. I call myself a Motswana woman, a mom , a wife, a leader, small business owner, mental health advocate, social cohesion and social inclusion and social justice nerd etc. Big words that means nothing to those who don't know me. This special space for me in the world wide web is a place where hopefully you will get to understand many of these aspects that makes me the woman I am. I will share my ideas, I am hoping to inspire, to be inspired and to be all that I am here. I am a passionate woman, resilient, driven, determined, loving, caring, woman strong in my faith, generous, just to name a few. I never left - but I AM HERE!

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